Hopping Across The Pond…

Considering our nation has a ‘special relationship’, I think a blog concerning the recent election results in the US of A is vital. Mitt Romney, the foul man that he is, was in with quite the fighting chance against the now-re-elected President, Barack Obama. This was of deep concern to me, as I felt that Romney had huge potential to create terrible rifts between countries and further tensions that were apparent. Although Obama is not necessarily, an outstanding president, with outstanding policies or execution plans for said policies, but I think it is fair to say he is much preferred to a homophobic Republican, who would likely attack Iran as soon as he could get the power to do so.

I am so glad that Romney did not have the chance to take office. George W Bush springs to mind, when I think of Mitt Romney’s potential to have become president. To put a man as one of the largest leaders of the free world, who has been quoted to say “I’m not familiar precisely with what I said, but I’ll stand by what I said, whatever it was.” in May this year doesn’t exactly fill me with excitement.

Why do I care so much, as a British teenager, you may ask? Well, a gentle reminder is this: we are, as cliche as it is, the next generation. As a 19 year old, in four years time, I will (for the mathematically challenged) be 23, and as scary as it seems, that in my books is an adult. I will be affected by issues that our friends across the pond are affected by; if another cold war situation began, it would affect me. As a history student, as well as a politics student, I often think about the eras I am studying, and how frightening they must have been. The Cuban Missile Crisis is one of the scariest situations I can think of, and the risk of nuclear war actually ties my stomach in knots. To have a Republican fellow, who to me, seems like he has it in him to be a non-isolationist war monger (bearing in mind isolationism runs deep in the veins of American history) and I don’t know what it is, but my heart is telling me that the next war will be a bad one. World War Three – nuclear, obviously, but I think that should we put someone in place who could get trigger happy, a little war or invasion (or “intervention” as it’s sometimes put – hm, another blog maybe…) could turn horrendous, and drag many other nations into it. Maybe I am being ridiculous – I probably am. I feel like an over-zealous Mayan right now; it could just be down to my ridiculous levels of relief.

The healthcare reforms that Obama is trying to put into place are good. There’s a common phrase used concerning America, saying that they often can’t afford to get sick, and they can’t afford to die. Call me a pessimist (I’m not, I’m a realist), but those two are the most certain areas of life every human being can count on happening. The NHS helps people over here who maybe couldn’t afford to pay their doctors fees and it also prevents people from avoiding their GP’s surgery, therefore catching illnesses early. Americans often are (a generalisation here, forgive me) completely blinded by their love of Capitalism, and fear of Communism. The Cold War shook things up over the pond, and whilst us Brits are slightly sympathetic of the left-wing, the Americans have never quite let their ‘Reds under the Beds’ fear go. Right-wingers called Obama a Socialist for trying to implement healthcare reforms, which would lead to people having their health care paid through taxation. People who were against this often asked, why should I help pay for everyone else? Admittedly, the NHS was implemented at a time of great crisis, socially, and economically, and whilst the country was recovering from a horrible war. Maybe this changed people’s priorities for a temporary period – I don’t know. However, put yourselves in this position, Americans. Your mother is sick, very sick. You can’t afford to pay for the operation she needs. Would you want Obamacare then? Answer: yes, most likely. Obamacare is for moments of need like that; when people are at their most desperate, the government can swoop in and save the day! Hooray for the government! Or is that the case? Potentially, could the medical healthcare plans be taken advantage of by people from other nations, like the NHS is? Yes, almost certainly, people will find loopholes. But – importantly, in that time of need, will you pray for any kind of help? Of course. And thats the kind of help Obama offers. Romney only offers help to the mass middle class, a class which often doesn’t require such support as the poorer people do.

Basically, this was all just a giant sigh of relief. Obama – the lesser of two evils, is back in the White House. We have avoided another George W Bush period in office, and maybe Obama could prove to do a bit better in a second term, and achieve slightly more from his policies. Let’s see!


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